Practice Posting

I would like to publish a blog.  I used to keep a family-oriented blog many years ago when my kids were first born, but we lost all the postings when a hard drive crashed!  Since then I have been reluctant to start again, because I’d rather keep a more focused blog than the one I used to have, and don’t quite have a plan yet.

In the meantime, I’ve decided to start blogging with a focus on learning how to use the various tools that are available.  Learn to use WordPress, and customize my page, take videos, etc.  So, I’m getting started with that.  Perhaps the content will be useful to others who are trying to learn to set up a blog for the first time, although that’s not really my goal here.

It is 5am right now, and I’m planning on a solo sunrise hike of Cowles Mountain here in San Diego.  I’m going to try to figure out how to live-blog my hike.  Here goes!


About Erika Lawson

Hi I'm Erika, with a "k"! I am blogging from El Cajon, CA, just east of San Diego. Right now I'm blogging about recovering from cancer (I'm cancer-free, wahoo!), hiking/camping, and daily life as a working mom. But who knows what I'll be blogging about next...
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